The Road Warrior (aradia13) wrote in maurylafoy,
The Road Warrior

Attention to the Starling-watchers and SuperFreaks on my flist...I just came back from hanging out with a tent full of dancing, screaming kids. Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch played at the Orillia Winter Carnival. :)

First off, in Starling news (remember them??) - there is apparently a new cd coming out! Colour me shocked when Mo laid that on me today. Another tidbit - Ian wants to change the name of the band to The Hundreds and Thousands. Which I informed Maury was just about the lamest name *ever*. I think we should all email the boy and set him straight frankly. (And frankly it's scary that it abbreviates to THaT, heh)

And the new Supers cd is on the cusp of release. It's in the artwork stage right now and Mo estimates they'll have 'em by March-ish. It's going to be called "Rearrange".
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