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Six Degrees of Maury Lafoy

A little power goes to your head

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Remember 'The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'? Well, it occured to me while back while talking to a friend of mine, just how many people in music (and even into theatre, movies and tv) you can connect to Maury Lafoy.

Maury is the amazingly talented bass player for Toronto indie pop/rock band The Supers with his equally talented highschool pal Graham Powell (who is Mr. Uber-photo and Computer Guy as well) and also a member of Ottawa based rock band Starling. He's toured extensively with the likes of Jann Arden, Sarah Harmer and Ron Sexsmith and is a highly sought after studio musician. He's a wonderful guy with an...unusual sense of humour (*g*) and I consider myself honoured to know him.

So, this group is to talk about him behind his back. ;-) You can discuss him, his myriad of projects or anyone that you can connect to him whilst playing "the game". Six Degrees of Maury Lafoy! :)


He's on an absolutely insane amount of cds. To the best of my knowledge, this is a pretty complete list thus far (you don't want to ask about how many of these I own. *g*)

Credits include {as a member of}...
Fall Down Go Boom - Sun Music, 1993 (Bass, Vocals)
Fall Down Go Boom - 199, 1995 (Bass, Vocals)
Fall Down Go Boom - Alleys And Apartments, 1988 (Bass, Vocals)
Fall Down Go Boom - Scratch, 1990 (Bass, Vocals)
The Ground Crew - Sing Cocktail Hour Favourites, 2003 (Upright Bass, Vocals)
Starling - Stuff You Should Have Said Before, 2002 (Bass, Background Vocals)
The Kelele Brothers - Escape From Bover County (Bass, Double Bass, Guitar)
The Kelele Brothers - Has-Beens and Wives, 2002 (Vocals, Double Bass, Guitar, Piano on Chick Habit and drums on Little Monsters)
The Supers - Spklanng!, 1999, released 2000 (Bass, Vocals)
The Supers - Mystery on Pop Mountain 2002 (Acoustic Bass, Vocals)
The Supers - new album, title TBA 2005 (Bass, Acoustic Bass, Vocals)
Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch - Sho, Mo and the Monkey Bunch, 2004 (bass, vocals, and a host of other random instruments on various tracks too numerous to get into *g*)

Also appears on...

Adam Faux - A Letter to Providence, 1998 (Bass, Vocals, Guitar)
Alan Macgregor - Rare and Beautiful, 1998 (Bass)
Alice - Soon, 1998 (Upright Bass)
Arlene Bishop - Snarky Girlpop (Bass)
Arlene Bishop - Cut a Man's Heart Out (bass)
Blair Packham - Everything That's Good, 2000 (bass)
Bob Egan - The Promise (Sound Effects, Harmony Vocals, Upright Bass, Bass)
Bruce Cockburn - You've Never Seen Everything, 2003 (Harmony Vocals on Put It in Your Heart)
Charlie Kert - Breathe, 1999 (Bass)
Chris Warren - Beautiful Ruins, 2004 (Bass)
Colm Wilkinson - Some of My Best Friends Are Songs, 2003
Dan Bryk - Lovers Leap (Background Vocals, Double Bass, Treatments, Bass)
Dan Bryk - Dan Bryk Rocks Nobody (Bass)
Danny Michel - In The Belly of a Whale, 2001 (Bass)
Danny Michel - new album, title TBA 2005 (Bass)
David Matheson - David Matheson, 2001 (Bass)
Geoffrey Wickham - Geoffrey Wickham (Acoustic Bass)
Gordon Shawcross - Sunday Morning Record, 1998 (Bass)
Gwyneth Bailley - Wishing Well, 1998 (Bass)
Jason Bajada - Puer Dolor, 2003 {Bass}
Jason Plumb - Under and Over, 2003 (Bass)
Jay Boehmer - Don't Look Back, 1999 (Bass, Acoustic Bass)
Jessica Owen - Humanisms (Bass)
Jeremy Robinson - Good and Gone, 1998
Joel Kroeker - Melodrama, 2004 (Bass on Endings, The Wind, Paradise, The Smallest Room and With Me)
Jory Nash - Lo-Fi Northern Blues, 2002 (Upright Bass on Northern Blues)
Julie Sparks - In Present Tense, 2000 (Bass)
Kat Goldman - The Great Disappearing Act, 2001 (Bass)
Kathleen Edwards - Failer (Piano on One More Song The Radio Won't Like)
Kim Bingham (Mudgirl) - Girlology, 1999 (Bass)
Kim Stockwood - 12 Years Old (Bass, Backing Vocals)
K-OS - Joyful Rebellion, 2004 (Bass)
Kurt Swinghammer - Vostok 6 2000(Arranger, Bass)
Kurt Swinghammer - Black Eyed Sue 2001(Arranger, Upright Bass)
Kyp Harness - The Miracle Business (Bass, Acoustic Bass)
Kyp Harness - All Her Love (Acoustic Bass)
Marc Nadjiwan - Awake (bass)
Martina Sorbara - Cure For Bad Deeds 2002(Bass on Eggs Over Easy)
Mia Sheard - Reptilian (Bass on Cover Girl, The Tortoise and the Heiress and Viaduct)
Michael Johnston - EP (Upright Bass)
Michael Johnston - Curious Heart 2004 (Bass)
Mike Shields - Stranger Than Fiction (Bass)
Monique Barry - Tripping, 2003 (Bass)
Red Lizard Sun Gods - Red Lizard Sun Gods, 1997 (Bass)
Royal Wood - Milkweed EP (Bass)
Royal Wood - Tall Tales 2004(Bass)
Sattalites, The - Reggaefication, 2003 (Vocals)
Sarah Harmer - You Were Here 2000 (Upright Bass on Lodestar, Uniform Grey and You Were Here, Bass on Around This Corner)
Sarah Harmer - All of Our Names 2004 (Upright Bass on Dandelions in Bullet Holes and Came on Lion, Bass on Silver Road)
Sarah Slean - Blue Parade (Bass On Twin Moon and Eliot)
Tory Cassis - Anywherebuthere (Bass)
Various Artists - Roots Music: An American Journey (Upright Bass on Uniform Grey by Sarah Harmer)
Vito Alvaro - Hard Days Gone, 1998 (Bass)
Whitney Smith - The Notebooks of Lucy Strath, 1999 {Bass, Co-producer}

Other things of note...

A World Away: Stories from the Regina Five - (score composer/performer)
Teresa Pavlinek: As I Was Saying {comedy special} - music by The Supers
Craig Lauzon: Ham I Am {comedy special} - music by The Supers
Pierre Le Canadien {movie} - score by Maury Lafoy
Dyke City {tv pilot} - theme by Maury Lafoy
Saskatchewan Pt. 1 {short film} - music by the Supers
Saskatchewan Pt. 2 {short film} - music by the Supers
Out of Synch {movie} - part of backing band in a final scene
The Rise and Fall of Vella Dean (theatre) - music provided by The Supers
Royal Canadian Air Farce - as part of The Ground Crew with David Matheson {providing between scene entertainment during live tapings}